TMT Protest Site on Maunakea Left Covered in Trash

Some Big Island locals have taken the initiative to document the TMT protest site on Maunakea, which has been abadoned of people but still appears to be covered in trash leftover from the months-long protest.

Residents were dismayed to find the camp, which was heralded as a local movement meant to “protect the aina,” still littered with tents, tarps, damaged equipment, unoccupied cars, and more. The sight of the trash-lined road and lava field contrasts promises by the protesters to leave the site in pristine condition as they consider the entirey of Maunakea to be “sacred.”

The issue of this abandoned camp comes months after the Hawaii DLNR discovered that the endangered ‘anunu vine was being destroyed by the protesters’ presence. Others have expressed concern about erosion of the lava field from the heavy volume of people and cars at the site.

Hawaii’s own KITV4 reached out to leaders of the Pu’uhonua o Pu’uhuluhulu (the protest’s official name) but have not received a response.